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Welcome to Blue Countries Project

The Blue Countries Erasmus + project is a collaboration between six schools in six proud European countries, namely Poland (the coordinating country), Italy, Ireland, Estonia, Greece and Romania.

The participants will meet, discuss, collaborate and enjoy the educational and intercultural experiences of each other’s countries over the two –year period 2018-2020.

The theme of the project is water; the central focus being the value of water in our lives, the careful use of water and its protection and conservation. Through the exchange of good practices, our students will become responsible European citizens who will appreciate the value of water in their own regions. 

Another main goal of the project is to extend learning beyond the classroom, to broaden pupils’ horizons and to awaken their awareness of nature and their need to protect it. The students will work in teams and collaborate with their European partners.  

The planned objectives of the project will incorporate Geography, Science, Art, Literature and ICT (Computer Science). The children will develop problem-solving skills, and will develop critical thinking and creativity.