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Tartu Raatuse School

Tartu Raatuse School is a primary school, with 9 grades (students up to 16 years old). Today about 465 students are studying and 52 teachers, 4 members of school support staff and a school nurse are working in our school. Not using a traditional grading system in primary classes with the years 1- 6, has been well received. Students and their parents get oral and written feedback on the child’s personal development, skills and knowledge in different subjects. The school provides a variety of after-school activities including sport, music, arts, robotics and crafts. Classes are also taken outdoors. Tartu Raatuse School gives a great emphasis to the topics related to this project. Water is a prerequisite for life. The planet Earth is up to 71% covered with water, but this does not guarantee us access to clean freshwater. In Estonia, both ground and surface water are used. An important part of Estonia’s freshwater reservoirs are in fact comprised of the waters from lakes and rivers. Clean freshwater is becoming deficient and therefore it is important to deal with improving the state of our water bodies.

 Our inland bodies of water are important factors in the subjects of fishing, water supply, wastewater drainage, recreation and occasionally traffic, but also as an addition to the landscape, and in the formation of local climate. Because of that, we have to be aware of the importance of freshwater. Our teachers teach from first grade to ninth grade how to respect this important natural resource. Our hometown is called also “Venice of Emajõgi (the river running through our city)”. Over the past few years our school has been very active in the world of international projects, so we do have some experience under our belt. Our school family, especially the students have always shown a lot of enthusiasm towards these projects as well as gained many valuable experiences from them. Therefore, we feel confident claiming the interest and motivation on our part is very high. The key people, who will take the responsibility of carrying out our part in this project are Rene Leiner as general manager of international projects (15 in our school) and Aigrid Kõõra who is our biology teacher. She graduated from the University of Tartu in 2015 with a Speciality in  Environmental Management and Planning. The theme of the thesis is The Status of Estonia’s Largest Lakes and the Longest Rivers and Possible Measures to Improve It. In 2017 she graduated from the Estonian University of Life Sciences and her  Speciality was Management of Urban and Industrial Landscapes. The theme of the thesis is The Impact of Cities on the Physical and Chemical State of the Rivers. Our team consists of professional teachers who have a strong expertise in the project fields but 3000 characters limit cannot give the opportunity to write about them in details and we have also done our risk-analysis and if somebody leaves the school,  we have other teachers to replace them. We have faced this before and managed well.