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The 15th Primary School of Rethymno

The 15th Primary School of Rethymno is located in an urban area near the centre of the town of Rethymno, Crete. There are 238 students in six grades and 30 teachers of various specialities; primary education teachers who teach language, maths, science, history, geography and environmental studies, social studies and religious education, four teachers tutoring students with learning difficulties, two teachers of English as a foreign language, two teachers of Physical Education, a Drama class teacher, a Music teacher, an Art teacher, an ICT teacher, a teacher of German and one of French.

As a school we are environmentally concerned and the last few years we have been involved and awarded in environmentally-friendly projects. Both students and teachers take pride in the little school garden and the organic vegetable produce. The suggested project is of great interest as every year the school is involved in many activities related to the environment, recycling and sustainability. Moreover, climate change and especially water-related problems have been issues that are of great concern for people living on the island of Crete. Accordingly, as a school we believe that our students should be made aware of these problems, the potential solutions as well as the personal and community involvement in finding actions that should be followed in order to face the problems. We strongly advocate that children in early age should be involved in environmentally oriented projects so as they would become responsible citizens.

Through the related school activities we have observed that students have actually made small changes in their behaviour and certainly diffuse these changes to their families. As a school we believe that all staff members should be involved in project activities. Depending on the activity and its complexity, teachers of all grades and speciality will be involved. The school has permanent staff so we don’t expect that there will be any change in the school members. More importantly, the headteacher is newly appointed and  is not expected to change within the next two years. As mentioned before, the school staff have many specialties, which by itself is an advantage. Their expertise can contribute to the variables of the project and their experience in running environmentally related projects adds to the value of it.