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IC “J. Stella” – Muro Lucano – Potenza

IC. “J. Stella” – Muro Lucano – Potenza, consists of three department schools (Nursery, Primary, Secondary) located in three different very little towns (Muro Lucano, Castelgrande, Pescopagano). The three little towns are in the mountains. They were seriously damaged by the terrible earthquake that occurred in 1980, signs of which are still seen today. There are lots of natural, historical, cultural, artistic resources in the local area. There are not many inhabitants in the area, most of them moved to other towns looking for good jobs. The Secondary School consists of 212 students, 40 teachers, 1 headmistress, and 8 caretakers. In the three departments, there are some students with disabilities and some students with learning disabilities and others who need special attention because they have family problems and they could be at risk of social exclusion in the future. Our secondary school students learn English and French as foreign languages.

They don’t travel abroad so they know other cultures only at school. The secondary school has been a music school for seven years which has been beneficial for our students as they get better results now. They also participate in a lot of extra activities like sports tournaments, reading and music competitions, but it’s necessary to improve the quality of their education using more technology and where possible, interacting with students from other countries to know their culture and customs, improve their English language, collaborate and co-operate on the project.

Our school experienced eTwinning projects (we received three National QL and one EQL too) and also an ERASMUS+ that finished in August 2017. This school year students are working on an eTwinning and also Erasmus+ KA2 project that will finish next year. It was a good opportunity for our students to be involved in such projects because they had the chance to know about the customs and culture of our partners, meet new friends, face new realities, share opinions, be more self-confident, independent and improve English. They communicate with their peers on the Facebook group and WhatsApp. It was a great experience for teachers and families too.