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Project Objectives

The objectives of the project are the following:

  1. Make students aware of the importance of water, both locally and globally, and throughout the partnership, find ways to protect it
  2. Develop students’ 21st-century skills (such as communication, teamwork, critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity and cultural awareness) that will be necessary not only to accomplish the planned activities for the following two years but also to help them become responsible European citizens
  3. Improve students’ digital and language skills, an imperative requirement for both their present and future development
  4. Provide opportunities for cross-curricular learning using methods that will make students acquire knowledge and develop abilities through discovery, sharing and learning from each other
  5. Study the significance of water in our existence, in our culture, by means of the students’ artistic skills

The 1st objective results:

  • PowerPoint presentation with the debate’s results on the hypothesis regarding the way water appeared on Earth
  • poster about the water cycle in nature
  • video presentation of water ecosystems and its prototype/model

The 2nd objective results:

  • digital map with the rivers/seas of our partners
  • project logo and motto
  • case study based on experiments
  • survey and questionnaire about ways water is polluted and their effects on life

The 3rd objective results:

  • brochure with practices that gave the best results and ways to diminish water consumption
  • collage with photos taken before and after embellishing the area around our river/lake/sea
  • the project blog/website with our activities/products

 The 4th objective results:

  • aquarium in school to study water life and how water quality influences living things
  • water mill or a micro-dam

The 5th objective results:

  • lipdub, Flashmob
  • digital magazine
  • objects decorated with materials offered by water
  • costumes/masks presenting water fauna/vegetation
  • video of traditional food based on water ingredients