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Szkola Podstawowa Zwiazku Nauczycielstwa Polskiego

We are a private primary school situated in Łódź, which, due to economic reasons, used to be the second largest city in Poland. We are situated more or less in the centre of Poland, around 130 kilometres from our capital city, Warsaw. Our city has a population of around 700 000.

In our school there are 250 pupils from very good families (middle class but good economic status). We are a school situated in two separate buildings. The children commute from various parts of the city, but mainly from the suburbs, and are mostly driven to and from school by their parents. The bonds between students and their parents are strong and well-established, and parents have a lot of influence on what happens in the school (since it’s a private one). The classes are small and comfortable (around 15 pupils per class).

All curricular subjects are taught at our school, although some of them are taught in an extended amount of hours. The children learn English from the very beginning to the end of their primary education for 4 to 5 hours per week. In the fourth year they start learning German (2 hours a week). They also have extra tuition in subjects as Mathematics, Biology, Geography, Polish and Physical Education. Swimming is also obligatory (2 hours per week), although we do not have a swimming pool and the children have to commute to one.

The school offers lots of extracurricular activities such as sports, English, German, chess, Maths, journalism, History classes, so that children can improve their knowledge and develop their interests and passions,  therefore participating in such a grand experience will create extraordinary opportunities for the whole school community. We have already participated in two European projects which were a chance for students to develop themselves, practice their language skills and broaden their horizons. We are very motivated to take on new challenges. We see this as an opportunity to become a more skillful, knowledgeable and conscious member of the European Union. As we have already cooperated with Romanian and Irish partners we are sure the project will involve the best motivation and engagement from both students and teachers.

 Łódź is a city which has 15 rivers (streams) and the name of the city in Polish means ‘a boat’.  Even though we are not a coastal city, we are fond of all the water sources and would gladly dwell into the topic of the project. The key people in charge of the project will be the coordinator, who with the help of teachers (especially English, Biology, Geography, Science and General Education)  will make sure all the planned activities and results will be completed with the utmost care, precision and devotion. If any teacher leaves their post, the project will be carried out by the deputy headmaster and teachers delegated by him to ensure the proper implementation of the project’s aims.