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Scoala Gimnaziala nr. 5

Scoala Gimnaziala nr. 5 is a public school with a primary and lower secondary level. Our main focus is on improving our students’ language and digital competences while encouraging them to explore their artistic side and to protect the environment. Scoala Gimnaziala nr 5 has about 480 students and 42 staff members. Taking into consideration the fact that we live by the Danube and we have seen the consequences of people’s carelessness regarding the importance of water in their life, we have decided to create this project. We want to make our students aware and ready to take action so that we could preserve the natural heritage. We want to test the quality of water, showing them how pollution changes and destroys the ecosystem and what they can do to diminish its negative effects. After seeing the results of the eTwinning project we have started on this topic, we wanted to broaden our experience, share our findings, going beyond the digital barriers and having a real exchange of good practices with other European schools.

The project will also deal in the second year with an artistic part connected to the topic of water because we want to explore other European cultures, especially customs, literature and art, emphasizing our students’ creative potential. The teachers involved in this project are those who teach subjects such as Geography, Biology, English and Computer Science. Because it is a generous topic, it won’t be difficult to replace any of the teachers in charge of the project, in case they leave their post. We will take into account primary teachers that have optional classes on the environment. As for the language competence, among the school staff, there are English speaking teachers, some of them being previously involved in Comenius and eTwinning projects. The school and its staff will contribute to the project by sharing their knowledge, organizing workshops and visits to the water plant, the dam or the biosphere natural reserve – the Danube Delta.